26 Jan

Strike a balance, society: Men matter too

Strike a balance, society: Men matter too
Written by Jenny Chisom

Written by Jenny Chisom

Strike a balance, society - Men matter too


We cannot want to empower children by protecting their rights and not empower women and men, vice versa; everyone matter.


Life is supposed to be lived in a balance. That is why too much of anything even common drinking water drunk in excess can lead to death.

Same way, society must cater for everyone and for everything. We cannot want to empower children by protecting their rights and not empower women and men, vice versa; everyone matter.

I updated my MTN Caller feel with “Men matter, they are first human before they are male!” and just like people react whenever I mention that I advocate for Men empowerment, the questions have been pouring in.

You see, people have told me that men are already empowered by birth; and I ask, really? Some are of the opinion that women are the ones who have been marginalised, and thus the parity drive and equity and inequality campaigns, and I agree as well as disagree. Well, the matter is that I feel, we must focus on everyone and that is the way, we can all choose which part of the ‘elephant that is our responsibility to eat’ in our drive for development in Nigeria and across Africa. It is a communal effort.

I happen to believe that Men are the fulcrum upon which women and children’s lives rotate, and if that is not far from the truth, then we must ensure they are ‘fixed’ and are ‘whole’ for women and children to be preserved.

Dear Mother and Father, are you still prioritizing grooming, training, mentorship for your daughters, and being slack with the sons? You are a big part of the problem.

If Nigeria will arise from the quagmire of lack of human dignity that has brought infidelity, absentee fatherhood, emotional torture among married couples, drug and all sorts of addictions as well as physical violence in homes on the rise, then we must give our sons some ‘humanity’. Allow them share issues or inquisitions about their sexuality with us, share about their moods, cry when they feel like, get counsel when they need it, teach them about money and savings, teach them to make and sell something, teach them about their headship under God, teach them about women, girls and daughters’ care, teach them survival skills like cooking, washing and doing chores; that is the only way that they can grow as whole men.

Men with big achievable dreams. Men with honour. Men that can mentor other boys. Men that women revere and respect. Men that can lead their communities. Men that have integrity. Men that can lead their homes and provide love and warmth. Men that can live healthy lifestyles. Men that can represent the country globally. Men that will partner with women to soar and lead. Men that will stand up for women and children rights. Men that will leave lasting legacies that will cushion the effect of the vagaries of the next generation.

That is the pride of governance and nationhood.

In the past weeks, I have been in various campaigns; most significantly the call for Nigerian government to invest more in the health sector by implementing their commitments up to the 15% budget allocation as agreed in an instrument called the Abuja Declaration of April 2001.

More so, I learnt in the course of partnerships that a 1% of Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) should be for the health sector according to the National Health Act of 2014. These for me are commendable and just like every sector need not just more investment but more effective and conscientious implementation to ensure citizens’ welfare are evenly catered for.

If we must make progress, we must go beyond paying lip service to women and children’s rights to actually implementing them in all aspects as well as ensuring equity because Albinos matter, People living with disability matter too, also men in all of these constituencies have women and children under their purview; so we must empower them to think right and act right.

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