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Esther Onuma


A time ago, families were run by the father only and he alone runs the business of the home like a headmaster who issues out instructions to his pupil and as such building a huge gap between the father, mother and the children. In most cases, children fear to communicate their challenges, glories and progress to their parent because of the rift that has been created thereby leaving our children to be tutored by their peers who in most cases show them the wrong path to follow. A family needs to be united and this can only be achieved if parents learn to function as a unified team. When parents can’t agree on how to raise their children or run a household, there is little chance that the family environment will be one of harmony and peace.

 For a family to work together to create a happy, healthy home, the following can serve as pointers;

  1. Communication: Regular communication with your spouse and children is vital to a healthy family. Talk to your children about future plans or problems and explain to them why you do certain things they may find unfair. In most cases you may have great plans and aspirations for your children but if not properly communicated to them, they may assume you just don’t like them to be who they want to be and they would find refuge outside the home.
  1. Listen to each other: No matter how little a child may seem, he has his/her own view to every issue and problems of the home. When you are listening, don't think about what response you are going to give. Instead, ask yourself why your spouse or child feels the way he or she does. Listening is one of the most powerful ways you can show you care about the other person. Children, especially, need to know that they are important, and this can be shown through active listening.
  1. Build their spirit: There are so much value derived from an upbeat child who has a positive disposition towards life. Children must be thought the value of quiet times, reflections and introspections, they must be thought to control their appetites and discipline themselves, they must be thought values and principles that will help in shaping them into strong-willed people
  1. Share responsibility: Everyone in the home needs to be responsible for something and have to contribute their own quota to the wellbeing of the family. Task needs to be shared accordingly and each member of the home needs to demonstrate their commitment in carrying out his/her own task. This invariably teach children from a young age the value of responsibility.
  1. Have fun together: At least once a month, go on a family outing. These outings can be inexpensive and simple or you can share a meal together, drinks and share some joke in the home. Having fun together as a family reinforces to your children that teamwork also means playing together. Remember that a family that works together and plays together — stays together.

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