07 Aug



Adeolu Emmanuel Ajala




Self-improvement at work place is very vital for professional development and personal fulfilment, it is a self-conscious act which can only be achieved through deliberate actions and not stumbled upon by accident. It is not a destination, it is a continuous process.

The first process to self-improvement at work place is having a Vision and mission. Vision is basically a picture of the future. With a well-defined vision, an employee or company is on the verge of improvement. For an employee, the employee might have to align his professional vision with that of the company’s in order to avoid discrepancies or contradictions in visions. Your vision must be SMART. That is your vision has to be simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

With a clear vision, a roadmap can be set on how to realize the vision. The roadmap must consist of Milestones and must be attainable within a selected period of time. Milestones are simply missions in chunks. These chunks must be organized according to scale of preference of importance. The aforementioned can be applied to personal life or/and one’s daily work life.

Immediately a vision is known and a roadmap is prepared, the next step to self-improvement is Action. Proactive action to ensuring that the vision is fulfilled. One of the most important keys to proactive action is Focus. Utter focus on your vision for self-improvement helps you to avoid distractions. It helps you know what is productive and what is not.  Any activity that does not align to you achieving your milestone is a distraction, no matter how important the activity might seem. Also, to remain focus, you have to imbibe the culture of completing projects one after the other, rather than mumbling every project up at the same time which often leads to incomplete and poorly executed projects. With focus on executing projects one after the other, you will achieve more and quality will also not be compromised.

Another important step to self-improvement at work place is, having shoulder(s) to stand on; having mentor(s). You should ensure that you have at least a mentor who has valuable knowledge and experience on the path you wish to tread. A mentor helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes and help fast-track your journey to success.

Another indispensable step to self-improvement at work place is learning. Constant learning is the breathe of improvement. Therefore, always make a conscious effort to read at least an article or something resourceful about your professional destination every day. Deliberately engage in research.

Note however that knowledge alone is not power, the application of the knowledge you have acquired is the real power. As a result, ensure you apply whatever knowledge you might have gotten while reading or researching at your work place and in your daily living.

In addition, nothing beats feedbacks on your progress towards the attainment of self-improvement. It is important to perpetually take time to Review Your Progress in alignment to your vision to self-improvement. The best way to review yourself is to be accountable, either to yourself or to someone else. Be sincere while reviewing yourself and make sure you get genuine feedbacks from your colleagues, bosses, team members and anyone who you think will be of importance to the pursuit of your goal.

Furthermore, note that self-improvement is impossible without motivation and compensation. Always take some time to compensate yourself whenever you attained the various milestones you have set. No matter how little, compensate yourself. A little rest, a small gift, a short vacation etc. will do. The compensation, besides achieving the milestone itself, should serve as motivation towards continuing your journey to self-improvement.

Self-improvement at work place is key for productivity and fulfilment for both employees and employers. Hence, employees should endeavor to always strive towards self-improvement at their various work places. Employees who engage in self-improvement will definitely attain the peak of their professional lives.


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