Gravel Pack Pumping

TECHDaer Sand Control offers a complete line of reliable mixing and pumping equipment and quality filtration services that are vital to successful gravel packing and sand control operations.

Solids such as cement, scale and rust in mixing and pumping equipment can damage the formation and the gravel pack permeability. TECHDaer’s range of mixing and pumping equipment ensures a safe, reliable clean operation. Filtration of completion brines and sand control fluids is as important to a successful sand control completion as selecting the proper proppant size, carrier fluid or placement technique.

TECHDaer offers a full range of equipment for filtration of completion brines, perforating fluids, acids and gravel pack fluids.

Design & Pumping Capabilities

Backed by the experience and skill of TECHDaer sand control specialists, TECHDaer sand control surface equipment provides the technology and service to meet today’s industry demands.

Dedicated pumping and blending skids for gravel pack sand control operations in land, swamp and offshore are available:

THRUST-500* high pressure pump skids with V-8, Detroit Diesel Engine.
VIGOR-20* blender skid + Sand Silos
ENERGIZER-250* Booster ‘Slurry Friendly Centrifugal Pump
Dual Batch Blender
Acid Transport Tanks & Holding Tanks
Cartridge Filter Unit
Gravel Pack Control Cabin