TECHDaer Services Limited

TECHDaer is an International Oilfield Services Technology Provider of completion well and production engineering services. We apply our specialist Petroleum Engineering skills to the design and performance of oil, gas and water wells.

Our aim is to help our clients optimize oil and gas production from their assets leading to optimum return on their investment. As an extension to our services to the oil and gas industry, we also provide specialized world-class Engineering Consultancy Services.

  • Our Vision • To be the best indigenous oilfield service provider with superior and reliable service to our customer.
  • Our Mission
  • • Focus on business expansion through innovative services.
  • • Provide specialized, fit-for-purpose consulting services supported by well trained and motivated personnel.
  • • Operating with integrity and to the highest standard of safety and Environmental Management.
  • Responsive to the needs of our host communities through welfare support and social services.

TECHDaer is committed to service delivery.

Our Services

Thru Tubing Services

TECHDaer has an extensive range of Thru Tubing downhole tools system to optimize well production & at the same time minimize the risks associated with well intervention.
Our tool system includes:
- Screen Hangoffs
- Vent Screen Installations
- Retrievable Thru Tubing
- Bridge Plugs
- Tubing Patch (Straddle Packs)
- Thru Tubing Cement Retainers
- Isolation packers
- Inflatable Packer Systems

Pumping Services for Rigless Re-Entries

Pumping Services TDivision provides quality equipment; highly trained and experienced personnel; and technical support to accommodate all offshore and onshore pumping operations. We maintain one of the best equipment to provide customers with cost-effective, trouble-free solutions to their pumping needs.
Our Services Cover:
- Well Kills
- Pressure Tests
- Water Shutoffs
- Sand Consolidation
- Acidizing & Stimulation Treatments

Chemical Injection

TECHDaer specializes in the injection of various chemicals, usually as dilute solutions, have been used to aid mobility and the reduction in surface tension. Chemical Injection prevents or mitigates a wide range of problems that might negatively affect production flow and/ or process completion.

+ Provides high pressure pumping for injecting chemicals during flow backs, well tests & production offshore
+ Provides hydrostatic pressure testing at low volumes and high pressures
+ Provides injection of chemical additives into high pressure pumping line during stimulation treatments
+ Can also be used to inject chemical breakers into gravel slurry being reversed into the SRT during gravel pack.

Well Intervention Services for Production

We have the ability to offer our Customers a comprehensive Wintegrated range of wellsite solutions - from Well Diagnostics to Production Enhancement, proprietory matrix in-situ treatments and Well Abandonment.

Our Well Intervention Service Line incorporates:
¤ Artificial Lift Installations
¤ Well Stimulation
¤ Frac-Pack
¤ Plug & Abandonment
¤ WHE Surface/Sub-Surface & Downhole Investigation.

Optimization & Enhancement

Professional Approach Our philosophy is based on engineering excellence and professionalism. We deliver on time & within budget. We work as a team with our clients to understand their challenges and bring optimum solutions in accordance to the individual country’s regulations and oil industry safety standards.

Brine Chemicals & Stimulation Products

Some of the Chemicals we supply are:
¤ Completion Brine Chemicals
¤ Gravel Pack fluids
¤ Proppant
¤ Pills for post Gravel Packs
¤ Fluid Loss control
¤ Diatomaceous Earth for filtration
¤ Salts
¤ Rig Wash/degreasers
¤ Caustic Soda
¤ Soda ash
¤ HEC Gels
¤ Casing Clean Chemicals
¤ Pipe Dope Remover Solvent
¤ Corrosion Inhibitors
¤ Stimulation Acids & Additives

Wellbore Cleaning Chemicals

TECHDaer offers a comprehensive product portfolio and services to accomplish the wellbore cleanup and displacement tasks. TECHDaer provides top of the line displacement chemicals for casing and liner cleaning applications. Utilizing the very best raw materials to manufacture strong surfactants, spacers and gelling agents to clean and water wet all downhole surfaces; TECHDaer KLEENET system is truly a high performance wellbore-cleaning package.
With our clean-out solutions we can remove the unwanted byproducts associated with oil and gas production such as sand, scale, mud etc. To keep production optimized, periodic interventions should be performed to remove this debris.
¤ Removing sand and debris
¤ Cleaning SSSV seats
¤ Cleaning obstructions
¤ Eliminating scale deposits
¤ Accessing isolation valves
¤ Scraping away cement stringers

Brine Filtration

Our System consists of:
¤ Filter Press
¤ Cartridge Filter
¤ Centrifugal Pump
¤ Storage Tanks
¤ Nephelometric Turbidity Meter

The press system offers more value that the pressure leaf system and is also competitively priced.
¤ Filter screen sizes fit all Diatomaceous
¤ Earth granular sizes.

Sand Screens Supply

The Enforcer design delivers cost efciency and versatility in manufacturing. Screens can be produced in full-length joints and TECHDaer can install Enforcer joint onto customer-supplied base pipe.

¤ Strength
¤ Reliable performance
¤ Flexibility in design and production
¤ Enhanced logistics
¤ Cost-effectiver

Gravel Pack Services

Gravel- and frac-pack systems can be designed to control sand and fines production in a variety of applications, from unconsolidated to tight sand formations, and for both conventional and unconventional wells.
Our comprehensive portfolio of gravel-pack and frac-pack systems enables us to customize completion solutions, based on the unique characteristics of each reservoir, to provide optimal sand control for the life of your wells.

Design & Pumping Capabilities
Backed by the experience and skill of TECHDaer sand control specialists, TECHDaer sand control surface equipment provides the technology and service to meet today's industry demands. Dedicated pumping and blending skids for gravel pack sand control operations in land, swamp and offshore are available.

Surface Equipment Rentals & Holding Tanks

TECHDaer offers a fleet of innovative and quality surface equipment rental products for the oil and gas industry like Tanks, Shale/Mixing Bins, Floc Tanks, Invert Vacuums and Pumps. We provide skidded units that are manufactured with meticulous attention to quality and reflect the attitude of an enthusiastic and skilled production team. These surface rental equipment will support the success of your project.

TECHDaer 500bbls Stainless Steel holding tank is a skid mounted tank. The stainless steel material makes it a good choice for storing corrosive uids typically used in stimulation operations or uids used as pickle or pretreatment acids during gravel pack operations.

Production Tubing Supply

Careful planning is required while identifying tubular needs during a project. Subsurface characteristics, the diameter of the well, and the pressures and temperatures experienced throughout the well, are all taken into account when planning.

TECHDaer supplies a full range of high quality casing and tubing, drill pipe, premium connections and pipe accessories, for use in all types of oil and gas drilling and well completion activities.

We accompany our products with services, based on our expertise of material selection and pipe handling. We offer a complete line of proprietary and API steel grades for more demanding exploration and production applications, including chrome, alloy and high-alloy steels.

Completion String & Accessories

We provide experienced and accredited Engineers, Operators & Supervisors. We also provide Tools & Equipment for a wide range of completion services.

We provide:
¤ Supply Of Completion String Components
¤ Production Tubings
¤ Production Packers
¤ Landing Nipples
¤ Blank Pipes
¤ Seal Assemblies
¤ Field Supervision Of Completion StringInstallations
¤ Low & High Pressure Pumping
¤ Gravel Pack Pumping Design & Field Execution
¤ Gravel Pack String Design

Workover Rigs

TECHDaer offers economical workover solutions both in a live well or when the traditional rig isn't available. Our reentry/ workover systems provide optimized solutions used as a contingency response to wellbore problems or as a planned wellbore development process.
Our self-contained, portable hydraulic workover units are smaller, lighter and quicker to set up than traditional rigs. This makes them an economical choice for routine well maintenance, live well interventions and well re-entry operations.
Our Workover Services System includes: ¤ Reservoir stimulation such as Acidizing, fracturing, Scale or Paraffin treatment
¤ Wellbore Cleanout
¤ Turnkey Projects
¤ Tubular Repair / Replacement
¤ PNA (Plug and Abandonment)
¤ Remedial Cement Squeeze operation
¤ Downhole Equipment Repair /
¤ Replacement such as Packers, Artificial
¤ Lift Valves, Subsurface Safety Valves
¤ Gravel pack Completion
¤ Well Recompletion Design
¤ Emergency Well Control Support

Completion Engineering & Supervision Services

We perform the following consultancy services:

¤ Provision of Project Management services for oil & gas wells.
¤ Provision of completions & workover operations/supervision.
¤ Provision of well optimization services.
¤ Provision of Strategic Business, Market Analysis for Oil & Gas Upstream industry where applicable.
¤ Coordinating & managing cased hole & open hole gravel pack/completion projects & operations.
¤ Provision of completion string designs & procedures on a well-by-well basis, or field development plan.
¤ Provision of post-completion & workover phase intervention designs & procedure for specific wells/fields.
¤ Provision of well test designs & well test supervision.
¤ Provision of well intervention designs & supervision for workover operations.
¤ Developing & providing in-house customized training in sandface & completion technologies to develop completion engineers for the operators.
¤ Training Courseware.
¤ Troubleshooting and Risk Assessing complex completions.

Consultancy & Project Management

TECHDaer offers a full range of consultancy and project management services. We have successfully delivered projects for our various clients both offshore and onshore.
Our aim is to stimulate creative dialogue with our clients to optimize total project value whilst proactively managing and mitigating project risk through comprehensive and robust project management practices.

We provide a comprehensive package of well construction services with all operations performed in strict accordance with internationally recognized standards and procedures which includes but not limited to: Our project management helps operators overcome:
¥ Experience Gaps
¥ Resource Constraints
¥ The time pressure often encountered with multi-well programs

Mud Chemicals & Mud Engineering Services

With evolving and modern drilling technology, there is need to Wuse the high quality chemical products. TECHDaer's Mud engineering services provides to its clients satisfactory mud systems and skilled personnel.

We have highly experienced mud engineers who have worked on various mud engineering projects across the oil and gas industry.
Our mud engineers have the capabilities to run various types of mud systems under different well conditions.

We provide complete package of Mud Engineering Services like:
¥ Filtration Equipment and Services
¥ Mud Supply
¥ Water well Drilling Fluids
¥ Testing and Lab Services

OCTG Supply

OCTG - Production Tubing for Oil WellsBack to Products

Once the casing is run and held in place with cement, production tubing is run into the oilwell.

Joints of tubing are connected together with couplings to make up a tubing string. Running tubing into an oilwell is much the same as for running in casing, but tubing is smaller in diameter and is removable.

The prodution string provides a continuous bore from the reservoir to the wellhead and together with the other components of the production string, produces oil and gas at the surface.

As opposed to casing, production tubing is designed to enable quick, efficient, and safe installation, removal and re-installation.

Oil and gas is also produced more effectively through tubing than through larger-diameter production casing.

Casing & Liners Supply

We accompany our products with services, based on our expertise of material selection and pipe handling. We offer a complete line of proprietary and API steel grades for more demanding exploration and production applications, including chrome, alloy and high-alloy steels.

All the products we supply are in line with standard API5CT specifications