• HSE Policy

TECHDaer is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, ensure the scope of work is performed in the field safely and our employees return to their families while ensuring our customer’s location where we work is kept in the same manner in which we met it prior to commencing our work. We will ensure there is no damage to the environment in which we live and work.

We have set a standard process across our organization to analyze Hazards and control operational risks using globally proven systems such as RIR (Risk Identification Reports), the STOP cards, and the JRA (Job Risk Analysis) etc. It is management responsibility to ensure this system is followed to the latter, and aligned with our customer’s system where applicable.

The policy consists of the following actions, which we will strive for, and monitored by management periodically;

  • We shall strive for a zero defect culture; No accidents, No process loss, No harmful emissions, No health incidents
  • We will strive for strong & visible commitment and leadership. All must maintain the HSE card system.
  • We will strive for a high standard of mandatory HSE training for all personnel tracked in score card system and easily accessed through our innovative miniature “ID card” system- the “SAFECARD”
  • We will participate in global industry initiatives and be recognized by our customers as a leader in HSE
  • Utilizing a HSE management system for the training and management of HSE.

The TECHDaer HSE Management System model consists of four components;

  • Risk Management & Design
  • Commitment and Leadership
  • Policies, Standards & Procedures
  • Monitoring, Assessment and Continuous Improvement

These are continuously improved by two main tasks;

  • Conformance checks on day-to-day standards and procedures.
  • Conformance checks on the management system.

Management shall demonstrate visible commitment to HSE and provide the necessary resources to develop and maintain an active HSE management system throughout the organization at every level, and at every location where we work.