• Acidizing & Stimulation Services

TECHDaer Services is engaged in stimulation fluid system formulation for all types of stimulation operations, to remove reservoir damage, create pathways, and increase reservoir production. We deliver on all areas of stimulation such as; hydraulic fracturing, acid stimulation, and matrix stimulation. We expertly reconnect the wellbore with the hydrocarbon-bearing formation.  We exploit a variety of proprietary and enhanced stimulation systems, coupled with optimized delivery processes and solutions-focused engineering designs, to efficiently and cost-effectively crate the solution path to meet any curative or stimulation challenge.

  • Pumping & Pressure Test Services

TECHDaer Services offers pumping equipment in both low and high pressure units. These equipment are proven to perform in extreme environments, can be used in offshore, onshore and inland water applications.

TECHDaer Pumping Services provides quality equipment; highly trained and experienced personnel; and technical support to deliver the most reliable and versatile capabilities pumping operations. We maintain one of the best equipment to provide customers with cost-effective, trouble-free solutions to their pumping needs. Our fleet is distinctively positioned to support any challenges throughout the life of a well.

The Division’s chemical treatment systems, combined with its experienced technical engineering group, ensures the proper design and execution that gives us the flexibility to address all your challenges and complete any pressure pumping project. Our portfolio includes:

    • Well Kills
    • Well clean-up and lift (Flow backs)
    • Miscellaneous Pumping & Pressure Tests
    • Water Shutoffs
    • Sand Consolidation
    • Acidizing & Stimulation Treatments
Sand Control Pumping Services- Gravel Pack

Effective sand control entails a precise match between gravel pack products and conditions at the well. TECHDaer offers superior gravel and frac pack systems and procedures – and it has the experience to select the most effective gravel pack applications for a specific formation that enables operators to efficiently create and evaluate high-quality gravel packs with the main goal to stabilize the formation and maintain well productivity.

With fluid systems that match your conventional or unconventional reservoir and proppant designs that make the most as to control solids and fines production in a variety of applications, our expansive collection of available expertise means we can match your requirements for economics, competence, environmental management and coupled with our dedicated pumping and blending skids for gravel pack sand control operations in land, swamp and offshore are available;

  • THRUST-500* high pressure pump skid with V-8, Detroit Diesel Engine
  • VIGOR-20* blender skid + Sand Silos
  • ENERGIZER* Booster Slurry Friendly Centrifugal Pump
  • Dual batch blender
  • Acid Transport Tanks & Holding Tanks
  • Cartridge Filter Unit
  • Storage Tanks
  • Hose Package
  • Flow Back Tanks
  • HP Manifolds
  • High Pressure Treating Lines
  • Air Compressors
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Gravel Pack Control Cabin

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