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PolyGRIP® Water shut off system is a system that is formulated with a high-molecular weight anionic polymer with a broad range of LCM (Ultra Seal® Plus) that produces a rigid, robust gel structure ideal for shutoff treatments into fractured, vugular and high permeability formations. This system thrives on the fact that cement may not be as effective as a plugging agent in cases where we have small holes versus cases where we have medium to large holes. This can be said to be caused because of cements difficulty in penetrating into smaller sized holes. As a result, gels may provide a viable alternative to cement in such cases.


  • Works where cement doesn’t.
  • Designed with a low viscosity prior to cross-linking to aid in Injectivity.
  • Effective in full shut-off treatments into rock matrix less than 750 md.
  • Also effective in high perm 750md ~ >1D with aid of fibers or CaCO3.
  • Works by entering the reservoir and reducing permeability, not by simply plugging the perforation as in Cement Treatments.
  • Never a drill-out problem, washes out of pipe for easy clean out.

Seals perforations in water zones.

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